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Director of Hockey: Taylor Kennedy

Taylor Kennedy brings a wealth of experience and passion for hockey to his role as the Director of Youth Hockey for the Kansas City Saints. With a career deeply rooted in the sport, Kennedy has seamlessly transitioned from player to leader, influencing the next generation of hockey talent.

Taylor's journey in hockey began in his youth, where he excelled in the competitive environment of the Russell Stover's AAA program. His formative years in this elite developmental league laid the foundation for his future success.

Continuing his hockey path, Kennedy played a pivotal role as a forward for the Springfield Junior Blues in the North American Hockey League (NAHL). His time in the NAHL sharpened his skills and provided valuable insights into the game at a higher level.

Taylor transitioned into coaching and leadership roles in 2010. His deep understanding of the game, combined with his experience at various levels of play, uniquely positions him to guide young athletes toward their full potential.

As the Director of Youth Hockey for the Kansas City Saints, Taylor is committed to fostering a culture of excellence both on and off the ice. His vision includes not only developing players' skills but also instilling core values such as sportsmanship, teamwork, and dedication.

Under Taylor's leadership, the Kansas City Saints Youth Program aims to become a hub for aspiring hockey players in the KC area, providing top-tier coaching, and a supportive community environment.

High School Hockey Director: Joshua Luevano

Joshua Luevano has been an integral part of the Kansas City hockey community since 2001, transitioning from a dedicated player to a passionate coach. With a wealth of experience both on the ice and behind the bench, Joshua brings a deep understanding of the game and a commitment to developing young athletes.

Joshua began his coaching journey in 2015 and has since made a significant impact at various levels of the sport. His coaching experience spans across u12, u14, and high school divisions, where he has consistently fostered skill development, teamwork, and a love for the game among his players.

Currently in his second year as the High School Director, his approach combines tactical expertise with a focus on character building, emphasizing discipline, sportsmanship, and dedication among his players.

Beyond his coaching duties, Joshua remains deeply involved in the local hockey community, striving to promote the sport and cultivate a supportive environment for players of all ages and skill levels. His commitment to excellence and his ability to inspire young athletes make him a respected figure in Kansas City hockey circles.

Joshua Luevano continues to be a driving force in shaping the future of hockey in the region, dedicated to nurturing the next generation of skilled and passionate players.

Travel Hockey Director: Simon Watson

Simon Watson brings a distinguished career in hockey and a deep commitment to player development to his new role as the Travel Hockey Director for the Kansas City Saints. With a wealth of experience both on and off the ice, Watson is poised to lead the Saints' travel hockey program to new heights.

Hailing from Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, Simon Watson's journey in hockey began in his youth, where he honed his skills in the competitive Canadian hockey landscape. His early development laid the groundwork for a successful career in the sport.

Simon continued his hockey journey at St. Lawrence University, where he played NCAA Division I hockey, showcasing his talent and dedication on a collegiate stage.

Following his collegiate career, Watson embarked on a five-year tenure in the Central Hockey League (CHL), showcasing his skills and contributing to the success of various teams. Simon concluded his playing career in 2011 as a respected member of the Missouri Mavericks, leaving a lasting impact on the ice.

Transitioning seamlessly from player to administrator, Simon Watson joined the Missouri Mavericks staff immediately after retiring from professional play. Starting as the Director of Hockey Operations, Watson quickly demonstrated his acumen for team management and player development. Over the years, Watson's role expanded to Assistant Coach and Director of Player Personnel, where he played a pivotal role in shaping team strategy and nurturing talent within the organization.

As the Travel Hockey Director for the Kansas City Saints, Simon Watson brings a strategic vision aimed at fostering a competitive and supportive environment for young athletes. His goal is to provide aspiring hockey players with the tools, coaching, and opportunities necessary to excel in the sport. Under Simon's leadership, the Saints travel hockey program aims to develop well-rounded athletes who not only excel on the ice but also embody the values of sportsmanship, teamwork, and perseverance.

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