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Frequently Asked Questions

The Kansas City Fighting Saints are a youth hockey organization that provides recreational/house, Select and Travel programs for boys and girls aged 4 and up. The Saints participate in the KCAHA for the Recreational/House program and the MWL for Select and Travel programs.
The Fighting Saints practice and play at Line Creek Community Center. Line Creek is a Kansas City Parks and Recreation facility located at:
5940 N.W. Waukomis Drive 
Kansas City, MO 64151
KCAHA stands for Kansas City Amateur Hockey Association, and it is the governing body for Kansas City area youth hockey for recreational/house programs.
The Fighting Saints are proud to be members of the KCAHA.
MWL stands for Midwest League, and it is the governing body for our Select and Travel programs league play.
USA Hockey determines the age classification by birth year. For the 2010-11 season, the age groups are:
Atoms: 2006 and younger (ages 4-6) 
Mites: 2004-2005 (ages 7-8) 
Squirts: 2002-2003 (ages 9-10) 
Pee Wees: 2000-2001 (ages 11-12) 
Bantams: 1998-1999 (ages 13-14) 
Midgets: 1995-1997 (ages 15-18) 
Adults: ages 18+
You may call (816) 513-0760 or visit the Line Creek Ice Arena: 
5940 N.W. Waukomis Drive 
Kansas City, MO 64151
Online registration
Hockey Skates 
Hockey Stick 
Helmet with facemask and chin strap 
Protective mouthpiece 
Hockey gloves 
Shoulder pads with chest protector 
Elbow pads 
Hockey pants 
Knee/Shin pads 
Hockey hose (socks) with garter or velcro 
Protective cup (boys) 
Line Creek Ice Arena carries a full line of youth hockey equipment. There are also a few sporting good stores in the Kansas City area which carry hockey equipment, and of course you can always search for equipment online via eBay or other sites.
We have some of the best youth coaches in the Kansas City area, and we're always looking for more!
Your first step is to contact us. Tell us about your availability, knowledge of the game, and the level of hockey you'd be interested in coaching.
Sure! Girls are welcome at all levels, and in fact many of the best young players are girls.
Hockey is a sport like any other, and sometimes kids fall and hurt themselves, twist an ankle, etc.
However, hockey players are heavily padded, and although there is a risk of injury (as there is in soccer, gymnastics, or basketball), injuries beyond bumps and bruises are rare in youth hockey.
Checking is prohibited for the youngest players (Atom, Mite, Squirt, and Peewee), but is allowed in the older youth divisions.
Only in line at the concession stand, when we're running low on hot dogs!
Seriously, fighting is prohibited at all levels of youth and amateur hockey.